This Giant Cobra Snake Puppet is called Syed and was commissioned by the Arts Council for Manchester Mega Mela in 2013. It is 15 meters long and the body is made from a variety of materials and is covered in Saris. It is ideal for Festivals and Outdoor Events as it enjoys slithering round large spaces and glides above crowd height, giving it visible impact from a distance.

This mesmerizing spectacle makes people stop in their tracks, as Syed moves seamlessly through crowds hissing at people. It is both interactive and beautiful. You will generally find a number of children running about & playing around it, especially once they have realised it spits (squirts water) at them!

This 4.5 meter tall sitting Snake Charmer was also commissioned by the Arts Council for Manchester Mega Mela in 2013, along with the snake. It is rigged on a scaffold tower, and with the two Giant Puppets together there is a simple story that can be performed repeatedly at an event:

The Charmer plays his bede (pipe) to wake up the Snake from his basket and make him dance. When the Charmer stops playing the Snake goes back into the basket. As the Charmer falls asleep the Snake sneaks off, slithering into the festival for an adventure. When the Charmer wakes up and realises the Snake has gone he plays his bede again, calling back the Snake, who returns to the basket.

This large puppet was commissioned for The Chinese Community section of Walk the Plank’s Manchester Day 2015. This Water Dragon evolved from the traditional Chinese myths.

Julian designed it to walk and move as a large lizard would, giving it a realistic style skeleton to reproduce the articulation needed for a puppeteer to bring it to life. Modern plastics were used to lighten the weight, and attention to the limbs and feet generate a greater playful nature. The scale is important to create an impressive and awesome sight to behold.

Julian made this bike trailer for the Love your Bike section of Walk The Plank’s Manchester Day 2016. The Weather Station was inspired from Admiral Fitzroy’s science investigation concerned with weather observation.

A rickshaw tows the trailer, and has a cycle powered sound system entertaining the crowd. It encompasses a playful use of forecast symbols. Cycling performers who became elements for the day accompany the Weather Station. The use of Man Power, not motor driven vehicle is the emotive force, promoting clean energy.

Julian enjoyed the simple concept of creating a double sized bike and cyclist for Walk The Plank’s Manchester Day 2013. He made Dave the Puppet to support the Love Your Bike group.

Dave represented the everyday man commuting around the streets. Julian designed a mechanism to drive the puppet legs around using the chain in reverse. Manchester Cycle Campaign’s aim is to support cleaner fumes for the city. In 2014 Julian made a Dutch Woman Puppet to cycle the same Super Bike giving it a more international flavour.